Cornelia Brelowski has been performing since 1997 when she took a cameo role in Kushner’s “A Bright Room Called Day“ with the “ExdeLuxe“ company at the “English Theatre Berlin”. She continued working in a contemporary vein with Christopher Durang’s "Durang Durang" and David Ives’ "Lives of the Saints", interrupted by the quintessentially British modern classic “Hayfever“ by Noel Coward and a compilation of Michael Frayn ("Democracy") plays.

She made her directorial debut with David Ives’ "Lives of the Saints" with the Living Room Productions Company. This was followed by Christopher Hampton’s “Les Liaisons Dangereuses“ in which she also took a starring role. After performing for the Berlin English Theatre Festival “spot on stage“ with a revival of Michael Frayn’s "Alarms and Excursions", she finally turned to classical theatre together with Christopher Coote and Steven Dorgan for the “Big British Picnic“ in Berlin’s Tiergarten Park with Chekhov’s “Marriage Proposal“, directed by Robert Mazuoka.

Cornelia Brelowski works in both English and German, though most of her stage work until now has consisted of English language productions. A recent German production took Tennessee William’s "Sweet Bird of Youth" as an inspiration for a short play ("JugendLieben", performed at ZMF Berlin). Lately she has been working with the filmmaker and artist Reynold Reynolds from New York, starring in his award winning art film project “6 Apartments”.

Having trained in both Berlin and London, she is a devotee of the Michael Chekhov technique* and has exploited these skills to combine play, actors and audience into a holistic work on stage art. 

*Largely unknown in the UK, but widely practised in Europe and USA, Russian actor Michael Chekhov (1891 – 1955) developed an Acting Methodology which embraces the actor as a whole human being, having both a physical body and inner life (soul), and focuses on developing our faculty of imagination.
(The Michael Chekhov Studio London press release)