Cornelia Brelowski
acting age 35-50
Height 1.65

BERLIN:                         Ursula Preußler
LONDON:                      Graham Dixon (Michael Chekhov Studio London)

German / English (Italian/French)


Acting/ Directing Experience: (managing + casting director on all LRP productions)

2019 Anna Harold Pinter's Old Times at tfk Berlin (LRP), acting and directing
2016 Electra ELECTRA in a version by Frank McGuinness at tfk  Berlin (LRP)
2014  Lorraine  Afghan Love/Peltier Poems at Theaterforum Kreuzberg  (LRP)
2014 Sonya (June Weddings) / Joan (Rwandan's Visit) The New York Project at Theaterforum Kreuzberg, Berlin (LRP)
2013 Sabrina/Mary Shindler 3 one-acts  by Yair Packer (LRP)
2012   Popova/Natalia  

Two one-acts by Anton Chekhov (LRP)

2011   Anke  

"Tandem" shortfilm by Mark Wilshin /dogandwolf/

2010   Lisa Roccato   “Players and Puppets” by G.Samuels   
2009   Lisa Roccato   “Voice of the Wilderness” by Geoffrey Samuels  
2008   Film Project      “Tango Notturno” von Carlos Vasquez  
2007       Nina              “Die Nina-Variationen” von Steven Dietz  
2007          Film Project       “Unter Kontrolle” von Carlos Vasquez  
2006      Film Project       “6 Apartments“ by Reynold Reynolds  
2006   Princess      „Jugendlieben“ (after „Sweet Bird of Youth“ by T. Williams)  
        Training at Michael Chekhov Studio London  
2004          Natalia in       „A Marriage Proposal“ A. Chekhov  
2003   various roles       „Alarms and Excursions“ M. Frayn  
2003   various roles      15 short plays Daniiel Charms/ K. Campbell in German  
2003     Woman       „Odd Couples“ Stephen Don  
2002     various roles          „Preparadise Sorry Now“ W. Fassbinder in German  
2002   various roles        „Love’s Fire“ Guare, Wasserstein  
2002      Director/ Mme de Tourvel        „Les Liaisons Dang.“ Chr. Hampton /Director  
2001   Director   „Lives of the Saints“ D. Ives  
2000   CO-Director     „5 short plays“ M. Frayn  
1999          Myra     „Hayfever“ N. Coward  
1998   Ma          „Durang Durang“ Chr. Durang  
1997   Malek        „Bright Room Called Day“ T. Kushner